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Confirmation Zoom Meeting Summary


  1. Introduce yourself and tell us one thing you are grateful for today and one thing you concern/scare/worry.

- Everyone is thankful for: the beautiful weather, health, end of school, getting through isolation, getting a driver's license, family safety, and a meal together and extra time with family. Also, concerning the current affair, rioting, looting, how to have a safe public mass, job, grandson health, treat others with respect, and complete the eagle project.



Closing prayer: Most gracious God, we offer you our sincere thank you for the blessing and our concerns (above). We pray that in this time of waiting and uncertainty, we strive to be your young disciples. May your light and strength guide us through this time, bringing healing, peace, and justice to our country and the world. 


Reflection Question: How has not been able to go to classes or public mass impacted your faith and how you follow Jesus?


Discussion items:

  1. Due to the cancellation of the Confirmation mass at the Cathedral. Archbishop Hebda has granted permission for the parish to celebrate Confirmation in their communities. Which mean, Fr. Greg will be the main celebrant and administering the Sacrament.
  2. Our Church will resume the first public mass on Sunday, June 21, and will continue to monitor and observe the safety for all before we can have a larger mass. Fr. Greg projects to have Confirmation mass sometime late July or early August. We might hold several Confirmation Masses instead of a one Mass. 
  3. When we reach the final decision for rescheduling, you will be informed at least two weeks in advance. 
  4. In the meantime, students are required to complete the following requirements: Confirmation form, saint name report, sponsor name, community service hour, letter to Fr. Greg, and a retreat. Please submit all paperwork to ThuyAnh by June 24. 
  5. Community Service Hour: Complete 20 service hours or write a reflection paper if you did not meet the 20 hours. All paperwork is on our Church's website, please complete it and send it back to the Office. If you have questions, don't hesitate to call or email. 
  6. Pray this prayer as often as you can: Move me, Holy Spirit, that I may do what is holy.  Stir me, Holy Spirit, that I may love what is holy. Amen – by St. Augustine.
  7. The meeting ends at 7:30. We look forward to having another follow up meeting in July. 
Thank you for joining us tonight. It was so lovely to see most of you there. 


Thuy-Anh Hoang

Director of Religious Education

Church of St. Genevieve, Centerville

[email protected]