St. Andrew's Family Shelter

St. Andrew's Family Shelter

St. Genevieve hosting weeks for 2020 (click on date to sign up):

March 29-April 4, May 17-23, July 19-25, October 4-10.

(The name of the your cooperating organization is Church of St. Genevieve.)
(If you're signing up a family member or friend, be sure to put their name on the open slot and not yours!)

Volunteers are needed for 3 different shifts:

Dinner Shifts (5-8:30pm) - assist staff with dinner prep, serve meal, eat & socialize withe families, clean up.

Overnight Shifts (8:15pm-6:30am) - sleep at the shelter, pack lunches for guests, start the morning routine *If you don't need to leave at 6:30, the overnight host can sign up for both the Ovenight and the Early morning shift.

Early Morning Relief shifts (6:15am-9:15am) - set out breakfast, clean up, secure the building so overnight host can leave for work.

Shift General Responsibilities
Shift Detailed Responsibilities

If you would like more information about volunteering for a shift, contact Julie at [email protected]

Volunteers need to have and be current in their Virtus (Safe Environment) Training and Background Check.  If you haven't attended a live Virtus training, go to and register for a session.   For any questions about the safe environment training, contact Susie Irlbeck at [email protected]

Drivers are needed to transport families to the Community Resource Center at St. Andrew's Lutheran Church and to the Hugo shelter.  Interested drivers will receive training and should contact Debbie Larson at 651-762-9148 or [email protected]

It takes about $8,200 a month to operate and staff the shelter.  Support the shelter financially by donating through our online giving

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