St. Andrew's Family Shelter

St. Andrew's Family Shelter

Shelter Update

Posted Dec 1, 2020 by Carrin Mahmood of Hugo Family Shelter

Hello Friends,

Our latest family has moved into housing so the shelter are without families for the time being. We have LOVED having all of your delicious meals, and I will let you know when we welcome a new family into the program. Often times friends and families are generous with their space through the holidays and then ask their "guests" to leave after Christmas, so don't be surprised if it is a few weeks before we have someone in the program again.

Be Blessed,

The St. Andrew's Family Shelter began hosting famliies again on Thursday, September 17!  Due to health and safety restrictions, the shelter will NOT need in-person volunteers.  You can can help support this ministry by food shopping or preparing meals and then dropping them off at the Hugo shelter.
Information regarding providing meals:
  • Meals are needed for a family of 3, one staff and one permanent overnight volunteer
  • Meals can be
    prepared at home and delivered hot (DELIVERED BETWEEN 5-5:30PM)

    ingredients for the staff to prepare (DELIVERED BY 3:30 PM)
    frozen meals that the staff prepares (DELIVERED THE DAY BEFORE)
    restaurant meals (i.e. a tube of KFC and fixings, pizza, etc)
    gift cards for staff to shop for ingredients
  • Our current family is lactose sensitive (cheese & yogurt okay, but only almond milk)
  • There is a table outside the first door to place your meal; ring the doorbell to let staff know the food has been delivered
  • If someone wants to provide lunch or breakfast items, here is a list to choose from:
    frozen waffles, poptarts, breakfast bars, country crock butter, muffins, bacon, eggs, spinach, tomatoes, lunch meat (small package), cheese (small package), pot pies (1 serving), canned soup (family-sized), jelly/jam, peanut butter, salad (small bag), bottle of dressing (small, Ranch is a favorie), chips (personal-size bags), twinkies, ho-hos, Little Debbies
  • Sign up for a meal at this meal train link.

Please contact Julie McCarthy with any questions at [email protected] or 651-328-4779.

More information regarding the reopening from Carrin, Director of Operations for the Hugo Family Shelter: 
  • We are asking for meals instead of volunteers at this time to keep everyone healthy.  (Because the Resource Center at St. Andrew's isn't open during the day, all families will have to stay at the house.  This is extra staffing, so the help with food is so appreciated!)
  • We are starting with one family, in 10 days or so we will add another, and then a third after that
  • Our upstairs has been converted into "apartments" so families have a bedroom and living space (including dining area)
  • Meals will be brought upstairs and left on carts outside of rooms
  • Bringing meals is a fun way for more people to get involved.  Those who maybe didn't feel comfortable coming to a "shelter" might feel okay about bringing a meal
  • Meal Train account has been set up so everyone can see what meals have already been made for that week
  • Even though we are focusing on dinners, one option to involve more people is for one or two volunteers to take  all the breakfasts or lunches (frozen waffles, cereal, OJ, loaf of bread lunch meats etc) 
  • Snacks? cheese sticks, meat sticks, apples, tangerines, crackers,...
  • All deliveries to the shelter will be contact free. There will be a cart or table set up outside to place your donation and then you can ring the doorbell to let staff know your donation has arrived.
Thank you for your continued support of this important ministry! 

View pictures and details about the reopening plan:




It takes about $8,200 a month to operate and staff the shelter.  Support the shelter financially by donating through our online giving. 

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