What people say....

"Baptism is to remove the original sin you are born with and to be welcomed into the Church."                                             ~ 2022 Baptism Preparation Session (BPS)

   "Baptism is about welcoming a new member into our faith community."
                               ~2021 BPS

   "It si the start of the relgious journey for our child.  It's opening him/her up to a much larger community than just our family."
                               ~2021 BPS

What the Church/others say about Baptism...
Watch this video (6 minutes) to learn more about Baptism.

How to get your child baptized...
We are delighted that you've chosen the Church of St. Genevieve for your child's baptism.  This is the first step on your child's journey of faith.  We are here to assist with you in every possible way as you raise yor child in the faith.  The baptism of your child is a very important opportunity for you, the parents, to reaffirm your Catholic faith.  As you are preparing to baptize your child, you are affirming that you will actively participae in your own spiritual life and in your child's Catholic faith development.

For this reason, we invite you to...

  1. Sign up to become members of the Church of St. Genevieve (if you are not already members)
    (at least one parent needs to be a Catholic, registered member of the parish)
  2. Sign up to participate in a Baptism Preparation Session (BPS) before your child is baptized.
    (parents need to attend a session within 3 years of requesting baptism for their child)
                                Upcoming Baptism Preparation Sessions (BPS)  11:45-1:00 pm at Parish Community Center
                                 April 21, 2024
                                 July 21, 2024
                                 October 20, 2024
                                 January 19, 2025
  3. Fill out the online Baptism Information Form below.
  4. After attending a Baptism Prepartion Session and filling out the Baptism Information Form, a date can be scheduled for the celebration of Baptism.  Contact the Parish Office at 651-429-7937 or
                               Dates Available for Baptism - after the 10:30 Mass
                               May 19, June 23, July 21, August 25, September 15, October 20, November 17 and December 15
  5. Choosing godparents -- only one is required and s/he must be baptized, confirmed, at least 16 years of age, and be a practicing Catholic.

Baptism Information Form

GODPARENT. Only one is required and s/he must be baptized, confirmed, at least 16 years of age, and a practicing Catholic.


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