Meal Prayers to Sing

My Pray Every Day Booklet (P.E.D.)

The New Serenity Prayer

Guided Meditation with Fr. Greg

Blessing Prayer for the Christmas Crib by Edward Hays
Let us pray in silence
     for the coming of peace into the world
     and into our home.

     as we pray before this our Christmas crib-shrine
     and await the feast of the Birth of the Holy Child,
     call forth the dormant child from within each of us;
     cause us to wonder and to rejoice again
     in this most ancient feast.

As the magi came bearing gifts,
     may we, this Christmas, gift one another
     with the gold of charity,
     the myrrh of kindness
     and the incense of prayer.

With the shepherds,
     we come to the birth of Christ
     seeking a simple celebration,
     where the greatest gift will be ourselves
     given to You, our God,
     and to each other.

May the Star of Bethlehem
     which shone brightly over the first crib
     stand guard over our home,
     filling it and all the earth
     with light and peace.

All present may sing Silent Night or another Christmas carol.

We adore You, O Christ, and we bless You
     because by Your holy birth
     You give hope to all the world.



Prayers of Remembrance

Prayer Upon Hearing of a Death by Edward Hays

Blessed are You, Lord our God,
     who are the keeper of the Book of Life.
Today, I have learned of the death of ____________,
     and, as this type of news always does,
     it comes as a shock.
We know, Lord, that we all must die,
     and that You alone keep the dates of our death
     within Your Book of Life,
     but we still share the shock of death.
That news carries with it the shadow of fear,
     for it is a reminder that, someday, I too shall die.
Today, then, I pray for ____________
     who has passed through the doorway of death,
     and I pray for myself as well.

Lord, I am sorry that I missed opportunities
     to make life more enjoyable for _______________,
     sorry that I did not know him/her better than I did.
If in any way I may have failed him/her,
     I ask that You forgive me
     as I pray for his/her eternal peace.

I remember in my prayer
     the members of the family
     who surely are lost in sorrow at this time.
Support them with Your Holy Spirit
     and grant them the courage to embrace this tragic mystery
     as part of the plan of life.

Lord, may the news of this death
     be for me a holy message
     of how not to waste my todays,
     how not to be unprepared for the arrival of death
     in my own life.
May I best remember ______________
     by being grateful for life today
     and by  loving You, my God,
     with all my heart, all my strength and all  my mind.
Eternal rest to _____________,
     and diving consolation to all of the family.



Prayer on the Anniversay of the Death of a Life Partner by Edward Hays

Lord God, Lord of Life and Death,
     today, I recall the death of my beloved.
My heart still bears the stain of tears
     from that day of great loss.
Our lives had so become one
     that a part of me died
     when _______ died.
Like two rivers that had joined as one,
     our two lives flowed together
     in joyful communion and affection.
You, Lord and God,
     were the One who arranged our union,
     and You, Divine Mystery of Love,
     were the fire of love between us.
I recall today, in prayer,
     how he/she changed my life
     and called forth from me all that was good and holy.
Like a mirror, I saw myself reflected in him/her
     and so was able to face my failings and shortcomings
     in my struggle to be worthy of Your gift of love.

As I recall and relive that day of sorrow,
     I rejoice and am grateful
     for the great treasure of memories that I possess.
Those years together are alive
     and continue to nourish me with life.
I firmly believe that _________
     has not ceased to exist but is alive,
     fully alive and happy within Your sacred embrace.
I firmly believe and know
     that love is beyond the touch of death
     and that our love for each other remains
     and awaits our final union together with You.

I seek, Lord, a favor from You:
     when the time comes for me to open the door of death
     and journey to You,
     grant that ________ may come and take my hand,
     guiding me along the dark and mysterious way
     which leads to the wedding feast of eternity.
Lord of Compassion,
     be with me as I await that day
     and grant eternal joy and peace to my beloved
     and to all the holy dead.


Pray at the Death of a Pet by Edward Hays

Lord God,
     to those who have never had a pet,
     this prayer will sound strange,
     but to You, Lord of All Life and Creator of All Creatures,
     it will be understandable.
My heart is heavy
     as I face the loss in death of my beloved ________
     who was so much a part of my life.

This pet made my life more enjoyable
     and gave me cause to laugh
     and to find joy in his/her company.
I remember the fidelity and loyalty of this pet
     and will miss his/her being with me.
From him/her I learned many lessons,
     such as the quality of naturalness
     and the unembarrassed request for affection.
In caring for his/her daily needs,
     I was taken up and out of my own self-needs
     and thus learned to service another.

May the death of this creature of Yours
     remind me that death comes to all of us,
     animal and human,
     and that it is the natural passage for all life.
May ________  sleep on
     in an eternal slumber in Your godly care
     as all creation awaits the fullness of liberation.


Prayer on the Anniversary of the Death of a Friend by Edward Hays

Lord of Life and Death,
     today, I remember the death of ____________________
     whose life touched mine
     and added to the richness of my existence.
I pause to recall the good times that we shared together.  (pause for silent reflection)

I am grateful that these are imperishable treasures
     which I will carry with me into eternity.
Within the mystery of Your divine plan,
     our life-pathways came together
     and blended as parallel pathways.
I am grateful today
     for all that we shared in our times together,
     for humor and work,
     for affection and trust,
     for the celebration of life.

Lord of Compassion,
    we are all sinners an in need of divine healing.
     so grant to __________ whatever is needed so
     that he/she can rejoice forever
     in Your divine friendship and eternal care.

Gracious Lord,
     I lift up into Your Divine Heart
     my friend
     and ask that You grant to him/her eternal peace
     and the perpetual company of Your saints.


Prayer on the Anniversary of the Death of a Parent by Edward Hays

Lord, today is a day of memories for me,
     for on this day my father/mother died.
It was a day of great sorrow and of hope.
I still feel a sense of loss
     at the absence of my father/mother
     who gave to me the gift of life
     and who guided me along its early paths.
As I remember the events of that day,
     I am grateful to You, Lord of Gifts,
     for having given to me such a good parent.
I take delight in the memories of the good times
     that happened within our home
     as I recall the tears of that day of death.

My parents were my most important teachers
     and father's/mother's last lesson for me was
     about how to die at peace with You and with life.
May this prayful remembrance of his/her death
     make me mindful of preparing today
     for my  own death by living a good and holy life.
Today, on this anniversary of death, I celebrate the
     mystery of Your holy ones, among whom now
     lives eternally my father/mother.
As part of the web of life,
     I feel the presence of my father/mother now,
     here beside me,
     as I experience Your Diving Presence.

Gracious Lord, may he/she and the holy dead
     live forever in the splendor 
     of Your divine light and life.