Funerals and Cemetery

Funeral Policy during Covid19 Pandemic.
We are able to host a funeral service with the following conditions at this time:

Funeral Masses can be held at the Parish Community Center (PCC), St. Genevieve Church and St. John the Baptist Church.
There is no Covid capacity limit.
The funeral can be livestreamed at the PCC upon request.
At this time, there will be no luncheons.
Immediate family may enter the building no earlier than 30 minutes before the service or visitation begins.

The Church offers a Funeral Mass or service and the committal (burial). In response to the pandemic, The Church of St. Genevieve is also offering a Mass of Remembrance for those who died during the pandemic and the family was not able to hold a Funeral Mass.  Each one of these services is an integral part of the journey for the deceased, family, friends and the parish community.  It is wise to consider the value and the wisdom of planning for a funeral in advance of the need. If you are interested in knowing more about your options for making your choices, please contact 651.429.7937 or [email protected] for more information.  The brochure "Planning a Funeral Service" is a great resource for families.

At the time of death, please call the parish office at 651.429.7937 to make the necessary arrangements for the date and time of the service. Our Pastor will schedule a time to meet with the family at the Parish Office to plan the services. Arrangements for a luncheon or reception after the service will be made during this planning time. The Parish Community Center or Fortin Hall at the St. John's site in Hugo are possible locations for this event.

Contact the Parish Office at 651.429.7937 or [email protected] or read "Planning a Funeral Service" for more information regarding funerals.


There are two cemeteries associated with our parish:  St. Genevieve Cemetery in Centerville and St. John the Baptist Cemetery in Hugo.  There are gravesites available at both cemeteries.  Two burials are allowed in each gravesite, provided that at least one is a cremation.

The current fees are here.

For more cemetery information read "Cemetery Rules and Regulations" or contact Susie Irlbeck at [email protected] or 651-429-7937.

Learn more about Catholic burials at the Catholic Cemetery website: