Suggested Reading for Adults

Encountering Jesus in Word, Sacraments, and Works of Charity


Peter J. Vaghi

Everybody Needs to FORGIVE Somebody  

Allen R. Hunt 

Rediscover Catholicism 


Matthew Kelly 

Rhythm of Life


Matthew Kelly 

Dynamic Catholic 


Matthew Kelly

Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic 


Matthew Kelly 

Forming Intentional Disciples


Sherry A. Weddell 

The Catholic Church What Everyone Needs To Know 


John L. Allen Jr 

Future Church 10 Trends Revolutionizing Catholic Church 


John L. Allen Jr 

10 Things Pope Francis Wants You To Know 


John L. Allen Jr 

Wounded Healer 


Henri J. Nowen 

What Happened at Vatican II 


John O’Malley 

Pope Francis


Robert Hugh Benson 

The Church According to Pope Francis 


Jorge M. Bergoglio 

Challenge – Daily Meditation (St. Ignatius) 


Martin Link 

Daily Reflections 


Martin Link  

Catholic Interpretation of the Bible 


Catholic Church Documents 

How The Devil Works   



The Devil You Don’t Know 


Louis J. Cameli 

One Great Act of Fidelity


Ronald Rolheiser

Afraid of Love -  Spirit of God


Thomas Murphy 

Pray the Memorare 


Rev. Francis Hoffman 

Greeman of Garanchies 


Cardinal Newman 

Life of Christ 


St. Ignatius

Lives of Saints


Michael  Walsh

Understanding The Hierarchy of Truth 


Kenan Osborne 

Fulfillment of Desire  


Ralph Martin