Communion of Saints


On The Anniversary 
Of The Death Of...


Lord of Life and Death,

today, I remember the death of    (name)   whose life touched mine and added to the richness of my existence. I pause to recall the good times that we shared together.

(pause for silent reflection)


I am grateful that these are imperishable treasurers which I will carry with me into eternity.  Within the mystery of Your divine plan, our life-pathways came together and blended as parallel pathways.

I am grateful today for all that we shared in our times together, for humor and work, for affection and trust, for the celebration of life.


Lord of Compassion,

we are all sinners and in need of divine healing, so grant to     (name)   whatever is needed so that he/she can rejoice forever in Your divine friendship and eternal care.


Gracious Lord, 

I lift up into Your Divine Heart my loved one and ask that You grant to him/her eternal peace and the perpetual company of Your saints.




    October 26, 2018   Dorothy Neeser
    October 31, 2018   Catherine Belland
    November 18, 2018   Leonard Shimota
    November 19, 2018   Joan LaMotte
    December 21, 2018   Darrell Shaw
    April 4, 2019   Andy Cardinal
    June 30, 2019   Steven "Bert" Sager
    July 6, 2019   Gerald Lucus
    July 9, 2019   Annette Schumacher
    August 12, 2019   David Thill
    September 8, 2019   Matt Wiederkehr
    October 11, 2019   Robert LeRoux