We held a Synod.  What's next?
After three years of listening, preparation and engagement with laity, consecrated women and men, and clergy across the archdiocese, Archbishop Hebda will release his pastoral letter on the weekend of the Feast of Christ the King, November 19-20. This pastoral letter will outline his vision and Synod Priorities for our local church, informed through feedback from the Synod process. Sign up to receive the pastoral letter and other Synod updates via email at

How can you play an active role?
Fr. Greg is being asked to appoint a Synod Evangelization Team of approximately 12 members dedicated to keeping evangelization and the Synod Priorities at the forefront of our parish efforts. The Archbishop is laying out these Priorities in his pastoral letter, coming to us November 19-20.  Let Fr. Greg know if you would like to be part of this team.  Click here for more details.


Please listen to Archbishop Hebda's video message about the Pastoral Letter:


Read the Pastoral Letter at this link.

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