Please listen to Archbishop Hebda's short message:

To make sure all Catholics have an opportunity to participate in the Synod, every pastor in the Archdiocese has been asked to host Synod small groups this fall.  Imagine the impact of 186 parishes across the Archdiocese journeying together! Be part of this historic moment now, and help shape the future of our local Church.  If you wanted to participate in the Listening Sessions of 2019-2020, but didn't want to travel, this is your chance to let your voice be heard while needing to only travel to your parish.

Three Reasons to Join a Synod Small Group

Reason #1: Talk about what matters. Archbishop Hebda has identified three focus areas for the Synod, all of which address areas critical to the life and mission of the Church:

  1. Forming missionary disciples who know Jesus' love and respond to his call.
  2. Forming parishes that are in the service of evangelization.
  3. Forming youth and young adults in and for a Church that is always young.

In Synod Small Groups, you'll exchange ideas and share experiences on these engaging topics, all while drawing upon the Holy Spirit for guidance.

Reason #2: Meet fellow parishioners and build community, as you discuss 12 specific topics under these three focus areas. Topics include personally encountering Jesus, sharing the Gospel in word and deed, helping parents as primary educators, and helping the young encounter Jesus.

Reason #3: Be a part of the process that will shape the future of our Archdiocese. Join together with parishioners from parishes across this Archdiocese, and give feedback on priorities that will inform the Synod process and ultimately, Archbishop Hebda’s Pastoral Letter.

The Church of St. Genevieve will hold Small Group Sessions on the following dates and times:

Wednesdays, October 6-November 10 8:45-10:45am Parish Community Center
Wednesdays, October 6-November 10 7:00-9:00pm Fortin Hall
Wednesdays, October 6-November 10 6:35-7:35pm Centerville Elementary (Week 3 on 10/13, Week 4 on 10/27, Week 5 on 11/3, Week 6 on 11/10)
Thursdays, October 7-November 12 7:00-9:00pm Parish Community Center
Saturdays, October 16 and October 30 9:00-11:30am Parish Community Center (Weeks 1, 2 & 3 on Oct. 16 and Weeks 4, 5 & 6 on Oct. 30)

Two topics will be discussed each week--
A) The heart of the Gospel-the "Kerygma" and B) Personally, encountering Jesus
A) Life-long discipleship and B) Universal call to holiness
A) Welcoming parishes and B) Collaboration in parish ministry
A) Liturgy and the Sunday experience and B) Sharing the Gospel in word and deed
A) Parents as primary educators (birth-adult) and B) Helping the young encounter Jesus (birth-grade 6)
A) Youth ministry (grades 6-12) and B) Young adult ministry (ages 18-35)

Participants will be seated at a table with no more than seven others (including a trained facilitator).  After opening prayer each topic has a teaching piece from the Archdiocese with personal testimonials followed by a thirty minute discussion.  Each participant is asked to fill out a feedback form at the conclusion of the discussion.  Data from the feedback forms will be submitted to the Synod team at the Archdiocese to help Archbishop Hebda as he prepares for the Archdiocesan Synod Assembly in June 2022.

While it is best if you can attend every week, we understand life is busy.   Please attend as many weeks as you can.  It is possible to attend a different timeslot each week (eg. week 1- Wednesday am; week 2 - Wednesday pm at Fortin Hall; week 3- Thursday pm; weeks 4-6 back at Wednesday am).  You do not need to pre-register.  Please be respectful of others' time and be ready to sit at your table when the session begins. 

The remaining sessions at Centerville Elementary and the remaining Saturday session have been cancelled.


In Archbishop Hebda's words (taken from the June 6, 2019 article in The Catholic Spirit):

“A Synod is a formal representative assembly designed to help a bishop in his shepherding of the local Church.’’
The purpose is ‘’to discern and establish clear pastoral priorities in a way that will both promote greater unity and lead us to a more vigorous proclamation of Jesus’ good news."

In 2019-2020, people of the Archdiocese were invited to attend Listening Sessions.  Archbishop Hebda and members of the Synod team listened to parishioners' concerns about the Church.  Together with the Disciplemaker Survey results, Archbishop Hebda decided that these three areas should be addressed in the Synod process: 

1.  Forming Missionary Disciples
2.  Forming Parishes
3.  Forming Youth & Young Adults.

In fall 2021 the small group discussion phase of the Synod begins.  Each parish has been asked to hold weekly sessions using Archdiocese-provided materials.  Feedback forms will be collected and sent to the Archdiocese to help refine the Archdiocesan Synod Assembly which will be held Pentecost Weekend 2022.

For more information on the Synod, please visit the Synod page at the Archdiocese website: